This is arguably the most spectacular event in the sport, and is certainly the most difficult and demanding.  This event has developed as a result of axemen climbing up trees to avoid obstructions on the ground, and the low quality timber at the base of the tree.

The object of the event in the modern day arena is to climb the tree pole by cutting “board holes” and placing special tree boards in the notches to ascend up the tree in a spiral fashion.  Whilst balancing on the top board (3 boards high) the axeman cuts the block half-way through (such as in the Standing Block events) and then descends bringing the same boards back down.  The axeman repeats the process up the reverse side of the tree concluding by severing the block in half.  The 3 board trees are approx. 4.5mtrs from the ground, including the block being cut.  The axeman stands on a board at a height of approx. 3.1mtrs above the ground.

This event requires great skill and stamina, and requires years of practice to perfect.  If attempted by inexperienced axemen without proper coaching it can be very dangerous.